What is Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic therapy refers to the use of antibiotics to treat, thwart or improve illness. Antibiotic is a substance or a amalgam that is produced by microorganisms. And it kills or slows down the speed of escalation of bacteria as these bacteria’s are harmful for our body.

Penicillin was the first natural antibiotic that was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. It was the first drug that was used against disease such as syphilis and other serious infections. It is still widely used but many bacteria’s are now resistant to it means they are able to endure even in the exposure to this antibiotic.

Historically, Egyptians and Greeks used extracts from plants to treat their infections. Later on, advances in the medical field led to discovery of natural antibiotics that were produced by microorganisms.

Antibiotics were firstly tested on mammals and some human beings to find out whether they are secure and bearable. But some of the antibiotics have undesirable effects like nausea, fever and it can even result into allergic reactions which include photo dermatitis, diarrhea.

Patients that are suffering from severe disease they start use of this antibiotics with a series of daily intravenous clindamycin for 5-7 days.

There is a question that for a particular type of illness which type of antibiotic should be used and for how long period it should be prescribed. The recent study has shown that for common illness like ear infection antibiotics should be used 10-12 days. If overdose is taken than bacteria’s become resistant to it.

If the infection is due to virus then antibiotics are never effective.

If there is minor medication is oral and it is used for several weeks. But if it is severe then intravenous antibiotics are given. The people who are suffering from heart diseases are given single dose treatment of antibiotic named prophylaxis is give. Prophylaxis refers to health measures that are taken to prevent diseases before they occur.

The person who is using oral medications should finish all his medication, whether doctor has directed or not because incomplete antibiotic therapy can leads to severe infection that is very difficult to kill.

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