What is Antioxidant Therapy

Antioxidant are use to thwart oxidation inside the body. Oxidation can cause breakdown of cells. Free radicals produced by this breakdown attack DNA as well as protein and fats. It is a negative cellular activity that can lead to certain types of cancer or heart conditions. In antioxidant therapy natural vitamins and nutrients are use to heal some dangerous conditions. Many of these therapies use dietary supplements or creams that contain antioxidants. Researches are done by doctors to find out how this therapy will help to deal with diseases like diabetes to cardiovascular tissues. The science of nutrition and antioxidant are closely interconnected because antioxidants are found in food products.

Antioxidant is also present in fruits and vegetables like peppers, greens, fruits, citrus fruits. Vitamin C and vitamin E contain high value of antioxidant. Those who take vitamin C to improve their eyesight may find their immune system working more efficiently.

Basically antioxidants are of two types:-

Dietary supplements: – these supplements are taken along with food and beverages. Moreover, they pass through our digestive system so they affect other organs in a positive manner. Topical creams:- these are applied directly to our body. They don’t affect the other organs of the body because they don’t pass through digestive system.

Antioxidants are also containing in anthocyanins that are pigments found in plants. They have nutritional value also because they help to put a stop to cancer. If we add these food products in our diet then they will contribute a lot in preventing oxidation in our body.

In this therapy we have to make changes in our diet to make certain the proper intake of nutrition in our body. Antioxidant supplements are taken to provide ailment that is caused by oxidation.

The side effects related to this therapy are commonly nausea or upset stomach but these can contrast from one person to another.

The dietary supplements that we have to take during this therapy should be consulted with the doctor. Nutritionists and food experts help in awaring the general public about the intake of various nutrients in their diet to get benefit from healthy chemical reactions.

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