What is Antiretroviral Drug

Antiretroviral drug is a medication that is use to treat HIV. When it is used with the amalgamation of several such drugs then this approach is called Highly Active Antiretroviral therapy or HAART. The reason behind this mishmash is that if only one drug is taken at a time then HIV would become resistant to it and drug would impede working. Taking two or more drugs at the same time will make treatment more effectual.

This drug is basically used to treat retroviruses. These viruses are very dangerous for human beings. The two most common retroviruses are Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

The antiretroviral drugs can reduce the amount of HIV virus in the bloodstream. Blood test can be done to check the amount of viruses. People with fewer viruses live a healthy life. The American National Institutes of Health and other organizations recommend offering antiretroviral treatment to all the patients with AIDS.

Antiretroviral drug oppose the replication of virus but it cannot cure the disease utterly. The physicians have to make adjustments’ to dosage and have to use HAART therapy to maintain effectiveness of drug.

The main side-effects of this drug are:-

Nausea. Fatigue. Malaria. Headache. Muscle pain. Loss of appetite. Sleeplessness.

A person should not start ARV treatment immediately once he has diagnosed HIV positive. This treatment will start once CD4 count is below 200. Special counseling is required before the drugs should be started.

Antibiotics are not as effective as antiretroviral because they are able to kill bacteria’s but they are not effective against virus. Vaccination can also be used to prevent diseases caused by viruses, including retroviruses.

These drugs will not get the virus out of your body but they will help in making your immune system stronger and enable it to work properly. The production of viruses will be controlled and you may feel better than before. It is a very typical process so proper guidance of your doctor is required. These drugs should be taken strictly under the medical custody.

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