What is Anxiety

Anxiety may be appear by a physical condition, mental condition, or from the effects of drugs. The very first step for doctors is to see if it is caused by a medical condition. Conditions such as infection, asthma attack, anaemia are just some examples from the medical which can be associated with anxiety. These are many external factors which may cause anxiety. Stress is the most common factor for the anxiety. There are many situations where people find themselves at stress. Stress could at work, It could from school, it could be in relationships like friendships or marriage. There are many more circumstances where one found himself or herself at stress such as stress from emotional tragedy, stress from medical illness, financial stress. Intoxication with drug may lead to anxiety. Sometimes, lack of oxygen may turn into anxiety.

There are two types of disorder panic disorder and phobic disorder. Panic disorder is recurrence of panic attacks or worry about having an attack. Panic attacks are intense and separate. They occur for short period of time. These are associated with the preceding symptoms. The symptoms of panic disorder are trembling, sweating, heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath,  dizziness, nausea, fear of dying, sense of choking, derealisation. If any of these four combining occurs, leads to panic disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder is associated with restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, sleep problems and easily tiredness. The phobic disorders are persistent, recurring fear of particular objects such as spiders, blood or snakes. In addition it also includes recurring fear of certain situations such as public places, heights, or public speaking. These may lead to panic attacks.

When the symptoms and signs of anxiety are not quickly, clearly and easily diagnosed or treated, you should seek to a doctor. Medication is needed when symptoms are at very critical stage. In addition, if you are feeling depressed or homicidal to should visit a doctor. If you come to know that symptoms and signs are have been for an elongated period and appear not to be stable than you need to consult your doctor at the earliest. If symptoms and signs occur suddenly, then you must call you doctor otherwise it may lead to serious medical issues.

Anxiety can be treated in two ways.
First, treatment can be done at home. It is applicable for certain cases such as you may be anxious for an upcoming public speech, a pending job interview, or a final exam. In such cases, stress can be relieved by talking to a motivating person, meditation, deep-breath exercises or watching TV. Medical treatment depends on the originator of the anxiety.

When anxiety is caused by a physical element, treatment is done by eliminating that element. For instance, if anxiety is caused by an overactive thyroid gland then treatment involves surgery of the thyroid gland. If anxiety is caused by psychological elements, then treatment is done by discovering the psychological cause followed by, elimination procedure of that element. Sometimes causes of the anxiety cannot get identified. In those cases, treatment can be done by controlling the symptoms to a higher extent.