What Is Apnea

Many of us are not aware of a medical condition referred to as Apnea at some point or other in our hectic day-to-day life. The fact that we do not know is that we do not realize hen we suffer from them. Symptoms like poor memory, concentration problems & short attention span are all a result of Apnea and so are irritability, anxiety, headaches and difficulties faced while trying to achieve success in daily activities. Often, one feels these symptoms due to lack of sleep in the night and then tends to feel very sleepy during the morning. This happens because of another problem which we commonly are aware of and is called insomnia. 

Apnea is known to be a condition that is chronic and it can also have serious symptoms like an interrupted breathing pattern or no breathing at all during sleep. This symptom usually lasts for a period of ten seconds or a bit more. Also, I can occur not once or twice but several times when you are asleep and can interrupt your sleep. Also, this ailment is seen more in adults than in children. It leads to a serious drop in the level of oxygen in the blood. We lose oxygen as there is either an irregular or a complete absence of air coming into the body. As a consequence of Apnea, people may wake up a lot of times during the night slumber and this either leads to a disturbed sleep or no sleep at all. And this lack of sleep results in other problems like the ones that have been listed above.

There is a great difficulty in the diagnosis of Apnea. This condition cannot b verified through normal tests like a blood test or any other such examinations. Often, a patient himself fails to realize that he is suffering from Apnea. This is mainly because it only occurs while he or she is sleeping.

As such it is important that one consults an expert provider of medical and health care services to conduct a thorough test of a person. This includes a comprehensive check of one’s medical history and also examining the patient for a few hours when he or she is asleep during the night. Diagnosis of this uncommon ailment is done by determining the number of Apneas during a pre-determined interval. The higher this number, the more serious the illness is known to be. One can determine Apnea by a loud noise that a person makes while sleeping. This noise occurs due to a blocked nose and is commonly referred to as a snore.