What is Apraxia

Apraxia is a strange disorder that could occur in humans. Certain areas corresponding to the cerebrum might be affected at times leading to several inabilities in the individuals. It could be defined precisely as the loss of ability. It is the ability that will enable one to perform a particular movement. A good example could be like licking your lips with your tongue. Another example could be like being able to perform a whistling sound from your mouth. Likewise, a lot of examples could be given. Still, apraxia cannot be restricted to only the movements of the mouth related parts of the body alone. It is categorized into several types.

If it is a buccofacial type of aprexia then the affected areas could majorly involve the mouth surrounding portion of the body. Similarly, there are so many other ranges of types of apraxia that all would cause a disability of their own characteristic kind.  So what are the causes for these disabilities to arise in the individuals? Is it all hereditary or contagious? Can they be cured? A lot of questions arise in our minds. Even the diagnosis of the disease and the treatments are not known to a plenty of physicians. Only the specialist in the field is well trained to analyze individuals in the right pattern and to diagnose the issue precisely.

When it comes to treatment, the costs associated towards such treatments are quite higher and cannot be afforded to the poor and insane in the community. Extensive research is going on currently since so many years in different parts of the world, to identify the best possible treatments to fix the issue. Experts are of the opinion that the aprazia is nothing but the motor planning disorder. The causes for the problem could be cerebral edema or sometimes dementia and confusion too. The left hemisphere of the human brain is what that is affected and leads to the apraxia.

The victims are not good followers to the instructions at times. They would need the assistance of others in performing certain tasks. Care givers should bear in mind about their problem completely and do not leave them helpless at any point of time. There are no drugs to cure this ailment yet but yet some therapies are available which could be of some help. Some of the individuals have shown remarkable improvement by means of undergoing these therapies and treatment. While some others show a slight difference and many others do not get better at all.

Physical therapies as well as occupational therapies are being offered by certified practitioners to help individuals affected by this disease of apraxia. Anyways, it is first important for the physician to rightly diagnose the problem as aprazia, as there is many other similar kind of ailment too. As soon as it is identified to be apraxia, then the sufferer should be subjected to the specific therapy that would be appropriate for the individual. It could be a simple speech therapy or a music therapy or sometimes a play therapy too. At the end of the day, it is just purely a chance and there are not hundred percent guarantees that the individual could recover after the therapy of any kind.


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