What is Arrhythmia  

You may have heard of a number of situations, when people have been rushed to the hospital or clinic. This has been when people have been struck with heart attacks, cardiac arrests and other such problems of the heart. The heart is an organ or your body, which can be adversely affected by a number of causes and problems. The high cholesterol and hyper-tension levels are inevitably associated with the problems of the heart. But there could also be an underlying problem like that of cardiac arrhythmia. This is a problem that is commonly described by people and doctors as irregular beating of the heart. While it is usually harmless, it can also create some adversities.

As with some of these complex diseases and problems, the cardiac arrhythmia is only a term that can be used to designate a number of problems. The basic similarity is that these problems result in uneven or irregular heart beat. But different problems and disorders will have different symptoms. Some of them are completely harmless and the others are contributors to severe problems like strokes and arrests.

The problems differ in nature and the site of origin. There are types of arrhythmia, which take place due to problematic functioning of the heart. There are others, which do serious damage to the part of the origin of the problem. It has been observed that many people commonly suffer from Atrial irregular heartbeat. The atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the heart beat becomes automatically accelerated or slows down. The problem of sudden increase in heart beat can also be termed as that of palpitations. These are usually harmless and benign. However, such problems can soon escalate into threats of strokes and cardiac arrests.

Doctors and surgeons have inferred from their studies that most of the fatal types of arrhythmia result from problems in the mechanism of the heart. This indicates that the fluctuations in heart rate and rhythm are not really life-threatening or fatal. However, it has also been found out that some problems further make the common types of fibrillation more frequent and fatal. For instance, ventricular tachycardia is a situation of a sudden irregularity in the heart beat rhythms. This kind of irregularity can give rise to problems like cardiac arrest and even death. On the other hand are the instances of heart blocks, which are also quite fatal.

Quite alarmingly, those heart blocks are actually minor disruptions in the usual rhythm and regularity of the heart beat. Sometimes, the disruption will last for a mere second. But on other occasions, there may be a complete heart block, leading to death of the individual. So, the problem of arrhythmia is quite a disastrous problem. It can be handled effectively with some advanced medications as well as surgical procedures and techniques. In the more complex methods, electric current is passed through the vital organs so as to detect the main area of electrical disturbances. The main areas are then doused with mild current and the person’s heart beat rhythm will be back to normal.

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