What Is Astaxanthin

Sometimes a word that seems hard to pronounce is one that has a profound meaning and even more positive health benefits. This often happens with medical terms and medicines or even injections for that matter. Astaxathin is one such term that many of you may have come across at some point of time in your lives. This drug is known to benefit the human body in a number of ways such as reducing the soreness of a muscle after a hard workout, or as an anti-inflammatory medication.

Let us now attempt to understand as to what exactly is Astaxathin?

In layman terms, Astaxathin is the drug that is responsible for the pink color of flamingos or the red color of the lobster, crabs, krill oil. A beta-carotene that is similar to carotenoid which imparts the orange color to carrots as well as oranges. According to scientists and research reports, whilst other medications are obviously beneficial, Astaxathin is one that outperforms all of them. Research has even proved it to be a whopping eleven times more powerful than normal beta carotene and a mind boggling five hundred and fifty times more than Vitamin E. therefore, it is no surprise that many scientists have even termed it to be a “super-nutrient” of sorts!

Yet another amazing fact about this wonder nutrient is the fact that it even protects the body from cancer! Many studies have time and again proved that this Astaxathin can prevent the free radicals from multiplying and thus protect their growth which affects the central nervous system and leads to cancer. Surprising is it not, that one single nutrient can make such a magnitude of differences to human health!

But hold on, there is more to come!

  • Astaxathin increases the energy of your cell and thus makes you feel more energetic and healthier.
  • Since this nutrient can lead to permeation of the body cells, it can help considerably in improving human eye sight and even protect the eyes from ageing related degeneration of the molecules. There are studies here too that have proved that people consuming just four milligrams of Astaxathin have shown a visible and quantifiable improvement over a period of five months!
  • Astaxathin is even one of the most common sunscreens that protect our skin from sunburn. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents skin damage if consumed daily.
  • Here too the ant-inflammatory properties of the nutrient help in building the arteries and it even prevents cholesterol accumulation. It helps in the blood to flow normally as there is hardly any hardening of the arteries.
  • Astaxathin is also known to be a powerful anti-ageing nutrient, it prevents molecular degeneration, increases the life of human cells and even boosts the oxygen flow in the body thus improving our health overall.
  • Lastly, scientists are even trying to prove that Astaxathin can prevent diabetes. Though the same has not been proved.

These are but a few of the amazing qualities of Astaxathin you can just run a search on the internet and you are surely going to get at least a hundred more. Or even better, ask your doctor for a dosage and why it is so good!