What is Ataxia

What is Ataxia? This question is often asked by people who are never involved with it before. This term describes lack of coordination within muscle that reduces the functioning of muscles such as eye movement, walking, chewing foods and so on. When someone is struck with Ataxia, it signs disturbance of muscle coordination in cerebellum which is a center of muscle coordination in brain. Paying full care to the healthy muscle is necessary and it can be achieved through routine exercise and discipline.

In which circumstance does Ataxia occur?  This health issue comes from several reasons such as alcohol addiction, strokes, head injury, sclerosis, and cerebral palsy. To prevent this problem, please notice ways to stop the addiction of alcohols and continue treatments on strokes and other health issues for effective treatment. For quick prevention, learning about types of Ataxia will bring easier way to notice its existence and take immediate help for a relief.

Types of Ataxia: definition and effects

  • Cerebellar Ataxia
    When cerebellum doesn’t work as normal, it hints dysfunctional system in the muscle. As crucial part of brain, cerebellum turns as a center of muscle coordination.  Its dysfunction usually leads to interrupted muscle coordination, dyschronometria and hypotonia. Indeed getting through this health issue requires regular treatments.
  • Sensory Ataxia
    This type of ataxia attacks stable health by the loss of proprioception. This condition is described with inability of straight walk. It will turn into more severe condition where being in dark area.

Both types go with different impacts and actually can be recognized through different symptoms. What are the symptoms of Ataxia? Actually diagnosing this health issue can be done through noticing several odd habits. If someone is happened to suffer slow speech and has low coordination in limbs, he should drop by a doctor to ask for explanation and check current health. These signs are probably dangerous symptoms.

For the sufferers, swallowing foods is likely difficult task to do. it takes huge effort to eat and chew the foods up. Unlike people with normal conditions, they can’t enjoy eating foods just because of inability of muscle coordination. This condition is likely a hint of Ataxia and needs quick treatment to prevent its more severe condition.

A condition of disruptive eye movement also suggests quick medication against Ataxia. Blurred vision and inability of clear hearing becomes other symptoms of disruptive muscle coordination. There’s no denial that the symptoms may happen in different level to each individual. Therefore the medication may vary from one to another.

A Guideline to Recovery

Instead of following medical advice given by the doctor, paying attention on several tips below may bring a relief to the severity of Ataxia, as following:

  • Avoid eating fatty meals
    The recovery begins from daily menu. Be sure you leave any fatty meals such as dairy meals, lamb and pork at garbage and replace them with healthier menu. Cut out sugar to exceed recovery process.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits
    As both meals contain huge vitamins and nutrition, they will speed up the process of recovery and supply good vitamins required to body. 
  • Consume lean protein
    Ataxia strikes muscles and the easiest way to relieve this pain is through lean protein.
  • Acupuncture
    This holistic treatment is long trusted to be effective medication to dysfunctional system in the body.

By noticing the symptoms, types and recovery ways, you will be able to deal with Ataxia and find quick relief.