What is Atelectasis

The partial or complete collapse infection on lung is known as Atelectasis. This is a medical form considered after infection in lungs. Patient might get the breathing problems in Atelectasis. Oxygen is essential requirement for a strong body, though the patient will get the difficulties to breathe properly if the patient is having Atelectasis problem. Every cause is having the different procedure of treatment so as medication for atelectasis also requires a particular procedure. Usually doctor focuses on the patient’s oxygen level prior to decide the root cause of any disease. Patient getting problem with oxygen require the medication on priority.

Air sacs are important part of body, and accountable to line the lungs. Sacs are flexible and permitting the lungs to increase the oxygen level in the body. Sacs are also responsible to reduce and push oxygen all through the blood tissues of lungs. This is because lungs can pass the desired oxygen to other areas of the body. This function is performed by alveoli, and if it cannot manage the level then the lung might start getting collapse. It can preclude the lung from managing the air and hamper the intensity of oxygen in the body of the patient. Atelectasis disease can also happen to the patient who’s not containing sufficient pulmonary surfactant. It is the material who decreases the surface worries of alveoli and didn’t allow the collapse of lungs in the body.

Experts illustrate surgery is the most known reason of atelectasis, and because of such reason doctors monitor the airway very carefully after completing the surgery. Patients who smoke are also directed by medical professionals to stop smoking for minimum 6 to maximum 8 weeks prior the surgery. The chances of getting atelectasis are more with those who are addicted to smoking. This can occur because of build-up of mucus, trauma to lungs or obstacles like tumor, etc.

At the birth period, an infant can also get the atelectasis problem with no ability to decrease or inflate the air by any of the lungs. The premature infants are mainly caused with this disease because their body is not completely developed. Their body requires the medication to support the lungs for functioning properly. Mostly premature babies are placed on a ventilator after birth. The ventilator is helpful to manage the air force that aids the baby to take a breath properly. Ventilator is used in cases of whole lung is collapsed as this support the affected people to breathe in bad conditions so that treatment can be done with affected lungs. 

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