What is Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a chronic disease in which the plaques and other elements block the arteries. These plaques can have a serious effect on the health of the person. These plaques can be in the form of cholesterol, lipids, calcium and other inflammatory cells. The plaques can have various effects on the health of the person.

The first and the foremost effect is that the plaques will protrude the artery and cause partial or full obstruction, which leads to problems in the blood flow. The other effect is that the artery is ruptured which eventually leads to clots in blood. This also leads to occlusion in the arteries. Another effect is that the arteries are made weak by all the plaque that causes a ballooning effect of the artery. This forms the aneurysm, which eventually results in internal bleeding which is severe in nature.

There are various causes of the Atherosclerosis. The prime cause of the Atherosclerosis is not completely known. However, the factors, which are responsible, is known.

  • Genetic- this is a problem, which can come in the genetic way. This is a disease, which can run in the family. This can be inherited from the family and not only the parents. This means that if any person in the family like the uncle, aunt, or siblings have the diseases, any person can inherit it.
  • Cholesterol- this is the most dangerous cause which affects Atherosclerosis. Cholesterol will start to thicken and form blocks in the arteries. Thus, they are associated with Atherosclerosis.
  • Hypertension- this is a factor, which is associated with heart diseases for various reasons. The blood pressure increases with the prospect of hypertension and this causes adverse affects on the heart.
  • Smoking- many heart patients have been advised to stop smoking and this is very important in reducing the risk of fatal mishaps due to Atherosclerosis.
  • Obscenity- there is no need for an explanation for this factor. When the person is very obscene, there is high accumulation of fat in the body and the arteries alike. This should be reduced which otherwise will lead to complete obstruction of the arteries.

The symptoms of the Atherosclerosis is very less or most of the times, without symptoms. This is because the Atherosclerosis takes time to develop and show symptoms. It can take years for the symptoms to show by which the arteries would have been blocked with the plaque.

Thus, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle from a very young age to prevent all these problems. Following a good exercise routine will be very helpful in the same, as it will prevent he accumulation of cholesterol.