What is Ativan

Ativan is a drug used to treat short term anxiety. Ativan is now popularly known as Lorazepam. This drug is actively used to control aggressive patients at mental hospitals. It is similar to the benzodiazepine drug which also has sedative properties and induced to control anxiety, seizures and insomnia. This drug can be used for both medical and non medical purpose.

Ativan and Temesta are the popular antidepressant drugs of the benzodiazepine category. This drug was firstly introduced in 1979 by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.  The medicine was founded by the director in charge D. Richards of Wyeth pharmaceuticals. Since this drug is highly effective and has excellent curing property it is widely sold across the globe with different brand names. Ativan got approval from food and drug administration (FDA) in the year 1999.

Ativan contains a chemical called as GABA that activates the nerves in the brain to send message to one another.  Ativan has been effective for controlling short term anxiety. Food and drugs administration (FDA) advices prescription on short duration, that is for not more than two to four weeks. Higher dosage may result in fatal results. This drug has a high level of sedative property and should be used only once in a day for curing insomnia.

The anxyolitic and sedative nature of this drug makes it useful for premedication. This has proved to be effective in controlling anxiety in minor surgical procedures like dental surgery and endoscopy. To give this drug as a premedication drug, this has to be given at least one and a half hour to two hours before the procedure. Ativan is also used as a drug to control alcohol withdrawal syndrome. This drug does not require oxidation for its metabolism.

Ativan has to be taken under therapeutic advice only. Ativan is not advisable for people who have allergy from benzodiazepine. The consultant should be aware of the patient’s allergies before prescribing this drug. Since this drug has sedative properties on should avid consumption of alcohol while on medication with ativan. If this drug is taken for longer than four weeks it might lead to addiction which as a result will misbalance the body functions. Purchase this drug from a licensed medical store only and avoid ordering through internet as those drugs might contain harmful chemicals.

When consulting a practitioner one must disclose his/her allergies and any prolonged sickness. People who are suffering from glaucoma, asthma, breathing disorder, bronchitis or any other lung trouble are not advised to consume this drug. Even people with alcohol addiction should not be prescribed this medicine. The drug is highly sedative and induces sleep hence those with a history of suicidal tendency should not be given this drug. Ativan should be taken only under prescription by a medical practitioner. Ativan should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing.