What Is Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation is a kind of uneven heart rhythm that is observed in atria. Along with the sinus node, different other impulses fire rapidly and give birth to chaotic and fast rhythmic changes in atria. As the electrical impulses act so fast and in a chaotic way, the atria can’t work properly to squeeze or contract blood within the ventricle. Along with these impulses that are traveling in an arranged fashion within the heart, other impulses hit at the same time and spread within the atria, struggling for a chance to go through the AV node. The AV nodes try to prevent the impulses, but a few impulses get inside in disorganized way and in faster speed.

Most of the cardiac arrhythmias are caused by localized and small area within the heart and produces a kind of electrical disturbance of regular heart rhythm. Though in most case the situation goes difficult but there are few ways to handle the situation.

  • In case of a few patients, removing ablation becomes easy by locating that affected area and cauterizing that area.
  • The easy way to ablate atrial fibrillation is to create a maze if complex scars with in the atria to upset this irregular electrical activity. 
  • It seems difficult creating a network of liner scars during cauterization procedure, but if is handled with care things may change.

There are few people who live a good life with this problem, but if one continues with this he or she can face the following problems in near future.

  • As the atria beats irregularly and rapidly blood can’t pass through it properly. There is a higher chance that blood may clot if it continues. If blood clot, it will be impossible for the heart to remove it and this clotted blood will affect the brain and will cause brain stroke. Clots can move to other parts of the body as well like intestines, heart and kidney and can affect those organs also.
  • Atrial fibrillation lessens the pumping ability of the heart. Due to irregular heartbeat, the organ works with less efficiency and in long run the heart will go weaker and a person may experience failure of heart.

It is not that all people are victim of atrial fibrillation and only a handful of people experience this heart disorder. However, they who are affected with this irregularity often experience shortness of breath, palpitations, fluttering, discomfort, chest pressure. Breathe shortness occurs especially when the person walk up incline or climb high places or stairs.

The easiest way to prevent atrial fibrillation is to bring changes in lifestyle.

  • If you experience irregular heartbeat you should consult doctor. Often adjustment in medication keeps this disease away.
  • If you have the practice of taking alcohol regularly, it is time to stay away from this poisonous element to live a healthy life.

Your life is not yours only and there is no point in losing it due to atrial fibrillation while you can get rid of it easily.