What is Autism

Autism is called as a spectrum disorder because two people affected by autism may have a different set of symptoms. It is one of a kind disorder. It actually disturbs the social growth, verbal and non-verbal communication and either repetitive or restricted behaviour. Altogether it brings an abnormal way of behaviour. Generally it occurs in the first three years of life.

Autism is totally different from mental retardation. Symptoms of an autistic individual are liberated from diagnosis. Autistic individuals like to be alone. They do things repetitively and sometimes may not even respond to those. They have unbalanced physical skills. Sometimes they are overreacting to a particular thing and sometimes under reactive. They are oversensitive. They may either reject or avoid the personal touch. They may laugh, cry or may show distress for unknown reasons. There is no cure for autism so far however a wide research has been done on this subject. Autism can only be diagnosed under a team with special attention and care. Autism is not a result of unfair parenting. Research says it is a genetic problem. As there is no test has been designed for autism so it is very difficult to know the exact cause of autism. However, research says that anything that generates changes in nervous system produces the condition of autism.

As its causes are not determined yet, this leads to no cure. Autism cannot be prevented; an autistic child will grow to autistic adult only. However, a good team of teachers can help children to grow in a good manner that to a certain limit. But we cannot leave autistic child all alone because it’s been proven that autistic children can do wonders if they are trained with effective training environment. The autistic child will show improvisation only if an autistic child is under well focused intervention. Autistic children may live an independent life if they receive proper guidance and well structured training.  Experiments have shown that some autistic children can speak.

It is not yet determined that why all autistic children cannot speak when some autistic children have spoken however they lost their speech later. However, speech therapy may help autistic children. It’s really important for specialist to understand the child and autism as well. Autistic children are hyperactive. However, it can be reduced to a certain level by teaching them. The reason of autistic child of being hyperactive is their destruction of imaginative skills. Children with autism often play with their own hands and heads. This situation called as sensory dysfunction.  Sometimes, to reduce the autism, medication is used. There are few biomedical approaches like gluten and casein free diet also exits by which helps in reducing the symptoms of autism to a great extent. Today research has shown that early diagnosis of autism brings lots of improvement. Autistic children will come in flying colours only if they receive effective training team.

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