What Is AVI

Do you know what audio video interleave is? Have you heard about AVI? It was discovered by Microsoft in 1992. It is basically a multimedia format which was been introduced as a part of video for windows technology. Such AVI formats are capable of containing both video and audio data in a single file container which also holds the capability of allowing the synchronous operation of the audio cum video playback. AVI format files are compatible with multiple streaming video and audio similar to the DVD files format.

RIFF is known as a Resource Interchange File Format is the integral; form of AVI. RIFF contains the information stored within the file in the form of small blocks, scientifically called, chunks. Each chunk is unique and is uniquely identified by Four CC tag. AVI is basically the differential form of RIFF formatted file. Each chunk is then subdivided into two parts or “sub chunks” and one additional chunk which are optional.File header which contains useful information like width, frame rate, height and other Meta data about the file come under the sub chunk. First sub chunk contains “hdrl” tag and “movi” tag is the tag of the second sub chunk. Second sub chunk stores the actual video and audio data that together that makes the AVI movie. The third sub chunk has the responsibility of indexing the offsets of the information which is present in the file in the sort of chunks and is categorized by the “idx1” tag.

There are various limitations in addition to the various advantages of the AVI format. One of its limitations is that it doesn’t provide a standardized way of encoding the information. As a result of it, automatic selection of right one is not possible by the player. It can be only done manually. AVI is basically a file format developed by the Microsoft which is used for playback and recording the video and audio on windows operating system. The main feature of this format is that it provides high quality sound same as that provide CD quality stereo sound. Quality of video tracks is also awesome and provides good audio and video experience. Limitation of such formats is that they occupy large amount of space on discs.

To run files having the extension of .avi or in other words, all AVI files need to have a special player for the files to get encode. You can download the special player from internet and can attach this extension with your web browser to make the experience better and wonderful.