What Is Baby Duck Syndrome

Human nature has tendency to worship the old and decry anything new. This has been happening over the last several centuries, in countries all over the world. Great minds have met with resistance from people who will not accept, allow or tolerate any change in prevalent thought and way of living. A simple matter in this aspect is the controversy is about the shape of the earth. The people who stuck to the flat earth theory would not consider the basic shift in that concept and it is no wonder that the person had to nerve to insist that earth is round and not flat, to be subjected to all forms of harassment and torture.

 Coming to the present times this matter has come to the fore in the subject of technology and product using high technology. The computer can be said to the basic example of development of technology during the last 50 years and PC is the most admired invention. The first model of PC looked very attractive because the comparison was with the computer for which air conditioned dust free rooms were needed. When people who still own PCs developed three decades ago are shown, they sneer at the models which can be termed Baby Duck Syndrome.

 The term Baby Duck Syndrome came to be used in the case of people not accepting the layouts of present day keyboards or PCs and insisting that old keyboards were much better. This resistance to change is blind to the fact manufacturers stop producing older versions of computer accessories. They do not take any old ones for repairs and advice that you go for the latest updated version. Dislike of anything new is born out of a fear that they may not have the capability to use the new items developed or old items modernized, having being trained with the old primitive versions.

 The term Baby Duck Syndrome is used with computer users only and it is not a general term. PCs have under gone radical changes in all aspects in terms of capability and speed of operation and the most significant of them all is the appearance. The modern sleek PC like the latest Flat monitor is matter of pride for technologists. However you may wonder whether traditionalists with Baby Duck Syndrome will be allergic to use them or prefer only the old bulky models occupying huge space. The basic fact remains that Baby Duck Syndrome is ingrained in human being and cannot be done away with easily. Development work should go on ignoring people with this affliction.