What Is Balasana

‘Balasana’, is a pose in yoga that is most suited for beginners who wish to get a feel of Yoga. The word ‘Balasana’ is derived from the terms ‘Bala’ which means child and ‘asana’ which means pose. Thus, Balasana is the term used for child’s resting pose. In this pose, the person has to first kneel down and then rest his buttocks on the backside of his legs. The legs have to be spread and head needs to be rested on the thighs. One has to breathe in as he bends towards his thighs. This pose enables one to relax as he ends his day.

The hands have to be then moved back and placed on the floor near the hips. It is advisable to keep the palm facing upwards. This is the ideal position for beginners who wish to get a feel of the bending exercises. Depending on the comfort and the ease with which one can perform this pose, he can decide the time period for which he stays in the position. In the initial stage, it might be difficult to remain in the pose of Balasana for a long period of time. One should try to stay in this pose for 30 seconds in the initial stages and as he gets experienced, it gets easy to increase the time spent in Balasana.

While getting up from the position, one has to be careful that he rests his hands on the ground to ensure that cramps of any kind are not caused. With the support of the hands, one can then slowly lift his body up and sit down. Normally, Balasana is followed by Shirshasana or the headstand. There are many advantages of practicing the Balasana as it helps in easing up the process of breathing and brings in flexibility into the body. Practicing the asana on a regular basis makes it easy for one to go about the complicated asanas of yoga with ease.

Studies have proved that Balasana brings in more systematic nature to breathing, thereby, making it possible for one to get rid of any problems related to respiration. However, it is important that before trying the asana at home, one ensures that he takes advice from a learned yoga instructor. It is to be noted that doing the yoga in the wrong manner can lead to problems to the body in the form of cramps. Therefore, results can be got only when the yoga is done under the supervision of an expert.