What Is Bartonella Henselae

Bartonella Henselae is also called as cat scratch disease. It is a bacterial infection which is caused due to Bartonella Henselae bacteria, which is a tiny gram-negative baccilus and tends to make small jerks in active state. Most of the cats carry these bacteria. It can be caused when a cat bites or scratches you. It is mostly present in a cat’s saliva. This can also be caused when fleas bite you. But this case is very rare. Most of the infection is caused when cats bite or scratches you. The common symptom when this bacteria affects is called Cat scratch fever.

These bacteria are mostly found in kittens. So we should avoid coming in contact with the cats. We should not play with them roughly and should not ever irritate them as if once they will get irritated, they can bite you and the bacteria can be transmitted from their saliva into your body. You should let the cats lick if you have a wound on your body as the bacteria can also gets transmitted through that wound. You have to be cautious if you have a pet cat. If the cat is carrying these bacteria, then it will not show any indication of it. The cat will not show any signs of illness so it is very difficult to know which cat is carrying these bacteria and which cat is not. So in order to prevent this condition, you should be cautious enough.

If ever a cat bites you or scratches you on any part of your body, then you should wash that part immediately so that the germs don’t enter into the body. If ever you feel the signs like fever, nausea, chills, fatigue, vomiting etc. There may also develop a papule on the site of scratch. Cat scratch is normally not a serious disease in people who have a strong immune system. But the people who have a weaker immune system and are already suffering from some serious diseases like cancer, HIV are more prone to this disease and it can also cause serious complications.

If the condition is not so severe then it would heal on its own without any medication. But if the condition is serious and the patient is severely ill then treatment is very important. If not treated at the right time, it can cause many other problems for the patient like inflammation of spleen, brain, liver and bone marrow etc. The best option is to use precautions while playing with the cat. Wash your hands every time you play with a cat. But still if you get the infection, then consult the doctor immediately. He will ask you the symptoms you are suffering from and will prescribe you antibiotics accordingly which will help you in fighting with the bacteria that caused Bartonella Henselae.