What Is Behavior Modification

Behavioral   modification is a psychological therapy that corrects the wrong way of behavior.  The B.F skinner, who was a father of behaviorism, has propagated this theory, but today this subject comes under the department of psychology.  An effective technique can sort out many disorders like attention deficit disorder, autism, or oppositional defiant disorder.  Behavioral modification, can inculcate any kind of desired behavior in an individual, regardless of functional level.  For instance, if a person is highly addicted to smoking, and wants to quit then in this behavioral modification could be boon to him.  These days there is juxtaposition certain ideas; this is a result that today marking world has adopted the behavioral modification as a fundamental rule.  Through this technique, they can know the demand and supply of the commodity and hence grow the scale of profits.

The basic principle of behavioral modification, the patients are kept in environment.  The definition of environment is little a higher here. The behaviorist believe that the every person two kinds of environment.  The internal environment and the external environment both result in a person attitude and the physical behavior. For instance, if a person is pale and shivering by seeing at a snake, then it does not mean that the person is escaping from the biting of the snake rather, he is scared from the sight of it.  Every physical activity has two parts, the one is that of emotions, and the other is reflex action. When a person gets pale and shivers by seeing snake, is reflex action, while his feeling of being scared is something about his emotion.  The behavioral modification corrects many things from snoring to talking.  The medical reason behind any persistent behavior is that any the activity that invest a great deal of emotion causes sudden increase adrenaline and hence affects our nervous system.  This ultimately deciphers our social gestures.

In the behaviorist modification, the praise is more effective in comparison to the punishment. While the person under the medication or training is trying, correcting themselves the doctors needs to give the regular pep-up for every minor achievement.  This will bring in all the positive enthusiasm in them.  The technique is even effective in the case of the children who are getting of difficulty in learning.  Through the behaviorist technique, the output can very impressive.  For instance, there are children who get problem of stammering.  Through the behaviorist technique if child says mmmm, instead of mom, for initially, thirty seconds, then with this technique he/she can speak fluently.  The role of behaviorist is to build in correct environment for the child, make them continuously focus on the word mom. The children also have the persistent habit of crying and begging in front of others, or they interrupt the conversation for asking things.  Although this habit does not come in notice, in infancy, while  at the adult age, if not corrected become obscene.