What Is Binge Drinking

All the alcoholic beverage companies and liquor stores are making drinking fun and attractive. Nowadays, it is very easy for a school student to get caught up for peer pressure in a social scene. Inevitably, one of the highest peaks of peer pressure is drinking. There are many other reasons exits why do people drink a lot? People are curious and they want to enjoy the state of being drunk. Some people think that binge drinking will make them feel good. Some people take alcohol to get relieve from stress. Most of the people do not think on the negative side of drinking. However, people think on the prospects of getting drunk, but they do not give consideration to being thrown-up or hang-over. People come to know from their experience, that too much drinking leads to memory lapses, difficult to concentrate and other problems, which affect day-to-day life. However, binge drinking leads to more serious and long-lasting risks.

The most life-threatening outcome of binge drinking is alcohol poisoning. When a person gets alcohol poisoning after getting too much drunk, it leads to serious reflexes. This affects body’s involuntary reflexes, which includes the gag reflex and breathing. If the gag reflex, is not functioning properly, than a person may choke to death. Other signs, which show that a person is suffering from alcohol poisoning, are seizures, inability to awakened vomiting, slow breathing, low body temperature, and sometimes person’s skin may turn to pale or bluish.

Binge drinking also impairs judgment, so binge drinkers are likely to take risks, which they may not take when they are sober. They may drive in a drunken state and consequently, injure themselves or others. Driving is not the only skill that is impaired. In addition, walking is also difficult when one person intoxicated. For instance, people who are going through impaired judgement may have unprotected sex, led to unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Studies have shown those binge drinkers are likely to be overweight and have high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, one beer contains more than 150 calories, now if someone drinks more than five or six beers at a time, than the person is adding a lot of calories, later it may turn to be serious.

If you think that you are going through a binge drinking problem, than get help as soon as possible. The perfect approach is to consult to a person you trust. If you are afraid to approach your parents, than you can consult to a doctor, a counsellor, your uncle or aunt. It can be tough for few people to speak up to adults about such concerns. Therefore, an alternative can be a trusted friend who is easy to talk to. Excessive drinking can be the cause of social pressures. A supportive friend or may be an adult can help you to avoid such pressure situations.