What is Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is a kind of electromagnetic therapy in which electromagnetic radiations are used to treat headaches, burns, ulcers, diabetes, gum infections, heart diseases and cancer. It is an alternative medicine means that this medical procedure is not considered as conventional medical practice. It is not based on any evidences. It was invented in Germany in 1977 and its initial name was”MORA-therapie”.

The cells of our body are able to receive resonance this fact is the main theory behind this therapy. Life is all about flow of energy. Everyone work by using the energy from the cells. As cells are able to receive they are able to emit the energy also. But when this emitted energy gets disrupted due to any cause then physical or mental imbalance occurs. The energy flow is never unswerving it is always up and down. Due to these variations we feel stressed, tired, and foggy. In order to get rid of these problems this therapy is used. The word resonance in this therapy suggests being in tune or in synchronization. The main goal of this therapy is to restore the energy back to cells so that physical and mental stability can be achieved by our body.

Using the concept of electromagnetic therapy electrodes are placed in our skin. These electrodes emit the electrical signals which can clear the path of flow of natural energy by removing obstacle in their path. These obstacles are created by equipments that we use in our daily life like microwaves, cell phones, TVs and computers. They create “electro-smog” which interfere with our natural flow of energy,

In this therapy multiple sessions are used to treat a patient. In the initial sessions we have to find out the extent of blockages because on this extent the intensity of signals that are to be transmitted is based. Computers are use to record the data.

When our body is free in its energy movement then pain disappears and our body is free to heal also.

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