What is BIOS

BIOS is the sequence of instructions that the computer executes when its power is turned on. It helps in management of flow of data between the computer’s processor and associated devices like adapter for videos, hard disk, keyboard and output devices like printer.

Working of BIOS

The BIOS has been considered as an essential part of any personal computer and are present in computer when you purchase and bring it at home. On the contrary, the processor can be installed initially by the manufacturing party or vendor. It can be installed by the end user also. The BIOS consists of a unique program that has access to microprocessor on an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) chip. When a user starts the computer, then the microprocessor transfers control to the program known as BIOS which is situated at the specific location on the EPROM.When computer gets fully booted with the help of BIOS, it first assures whether all the attachments are at their original place and are in working mode or not .It loads the processor into the RAM of computer’s memory from hard disk or any other drive. The processor and its applications are made free from exact understanding of the details such as associated input/output devices with the sheer presence of BIOS. When the details of any device get modified, then only program of BIOS needs updating. These modifications can be made at the time of setup of systems.

Role of BIOS

BIOS play a role of mediator between microprocessor, input output system and flow of data. Sometimes, BIOS initiates flow of data directly to memory from devices such as video cards that requires data flow to be fast and efficient. The software of BIOS is attached on a ROM chip on the CPU.The BIOS is particularly designed to function with each computer model making interfaces with various devices that construct alternate sets of chips for the computer system. The contents of the BIOS chip can be written at any time without deleting it from the CPU and allows up gradation of BIOS software. In the user interface of BIOS, an end user can set up hardware and system clock on their own, components of system can be enabled or disbled, makes selection of required bootable devices among other devices, set certain passwords and prevent unauthorized users from booting of computer systems from illegal computer peripherals. The BIOS provides a library of general input-output functions which are used to control keyboard and other peripheral devices.

The existence of BIOS has been changed with time. In year 2011, the BIOS have been replaced by EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) in new computer machines. The BIOS is still popular as EFI boots has been confined to OS of Microsoft products which supports majorly Linux kernels and GPT.Its task cannot be given to any other software of the computer system . It has been found that BIOS is the third software in the computer system that requires successful operation.