What is Bipolar Disorder

This physiological disease/disorder which is can be seen both in men and women. The person usually faces the problem after attaining the age of 15. But till today, medical experts have not understood the actual cause of thid disorder. There are various types of bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is categorized into three types. A. Type I B. Type 2. C. Cyclothemia.

  • When a person has experienced one episode of mania in the past and faces some episodes of depression in between then this disorder is termed as Type I disorder.
  • When a person feels energetic most of the times but also experiences episodes of depression alternatively, then this disorder is termed as Type II disorder.
  • The person may also experience Bipolar disorder in a mild way. The moods swings are experienced in a more milder form. The person experiences mild form of mania sometimes and then experiences a mild episode of depression. The phase of experiencing mania and depression takes place continuously.

Although the scientists have not found the actual cause for depression, they state that some of the factors may increase the levels of disorder.

  • When a woman delivers a child
  • If the person undergoing depression uses steroids and medications.
  • If a person is not able to sleep adequately
  • If the sufferer  is a drug addict

When the person suffers episodes of mania, he experiences the following symptoms.

  • He cannot easily concentrate in his work
  • He cannot control his temper easily
  • He experiences excessive increase in energy levels
  • He cannot think with a calm mind
  • He talks excessively
  • He cannot control his mind easily
  • He begins to think very superior of himself more than he is.
  • He spends recklessly

The same person  experiences depression sometimes and he experiences the following symptoms

  • He becomes very upset and sad in between
  • He cannot concentrate in his work easily and also cannot make decesions.
  • He experiences lack of energy
  • He thinks inferior about himself
  • He sometimes even decides to commit suicide.
  • He sleeps for several hours in a day
  • He eats too much and feels hungry easily
  • He feels that he should not mix with people around him.

The person who experiences bipolar disorder can take the following steps for prevention:

  • Consult or visit a physician
  • Visit a physiatrist so that he may conduct some examination to test your state of mind
  • Visit a laboratory to test your thyroid levels.
  • Openly interact with the family members to reduce your problem.

A person experiencing bipolar disorder may use the following medications.

  • Lithium
  • Lamotrigine
  • Carbam azepine
  • Valproic acid



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