What Is Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is just a normal activity performed by the heart.  It is a force of pushing the blood upon the walls of the blood vessels, or the arteries.  The blood is circulated from the heart to the body, in the vessels, and by the every heartbeat, it pumps the blood, into its carrier called as blood vessel.  The blood pressure rises to its peak while, the heart beats pumps the blood to the arteries.  This is called as systolic pressure.  However, heartbeats seventy two times per minute and in between each pump, the heart gets into the relaxing mode, where your blood pressure rapidly falls.  This is known as the diastolic pressure.

Whenever, you gauge for the blood pressure you are left with two numbers.  These two numbers are systolic and diastolic pressure.  For instance, suppose that your blood pressure is 120/80 mm hg, then, the above one is systolic, while the bottom one is diastolic.  Therefore, when you get the reading of it, you say, that it is 120 over 80.  However, this figure varies to a great extent.  In the case of hypotension, the diastolic pressure is less than 60 and systolic pressure is less than 90.  When a patient suffers from, hypertension then it rises up to 179 systolic and 119 diastolic.  If the blood pressure exceeds this level then it is termed as hypersensitive crisis.  For the measuring the blood pressure, we use a device called sphygmomanometer.

The blood pressure varies frequently it is not fixed.  During the day time its varies according to work schedule and stress level.  It is lowest when you sleep, because your blood goes into the relaxing mode.  However, it again rises up when get up from your bed.  The intensity also changes whenever you get excited like if you become happy, or sad or scared, nervous or active.

When the blood pressure does become disease?

Even you are awake and sitting or standing still, the blood pressure measures 120/80.  When this normal force exceeds to high level of 140/90, then it is considered as a symptom of high blood pressure.  The high blood pressure is serious ailments, with the disease of high blood pressure that heart pumps harder than its normal rate.  Hence, there is a heavy risk of stroke, cardiac arrest, kidney disorder.

Some healthy habits to maintain the perfect blood pressure

  • Cut down the measures of salt in your diet.  Excessive salt in meals can raise the blood pressure.  Therefore, to maintain the healthy blood pressure, don’t add salt to the food extraneously.  While picking the readymade meals you can choose the products with low salt options.
  • You can eat a little more of fruit and vegetables in your diet.  If you are an adult, make sure that you eat at least five portion of fist with vegetables and fruits.  This figure is roughly sketched as 80gms per day.
  • As far as it is possible, reduce the level of alcohol.  Since alcohol, it a catalyst and play a vital role in raising up of the blood pressure.
  • Spare some time for the exercises.  You can have exercises daily for at least for half an hour, which will enhance the proper and healthy circulation of blood.