What is Blood Thinner

Blood thinner is chemical that is use to prevent the clotting of blood by making blood thin and it is used by that person who had suffer from the first stroke and bear the risk of second one. In that person blood starts clotting at a particular place in the body and that organ where blood is clotted cannot work properly. Blood thinner is used to prevent that clotting.

A blood thinner is composed of several chemicals. But its basic composition is anti platelet drugs and anticoagulant

Antiplatelet drug decreases the platelet aggregation and thrombus formation. It is helpful in proper circulation of blood in arteries. Platelet is a source of growth and it circulates in the blood and help in formation of blood clots. Thrombus is the final product of blood coagulation.

lood thinner that is widely used is Aspirin. Aspirin is a antiplatelet drug. Aspirin is also used for pain reducing, fever reducer, to prevent cold, flu and injuries while playing. Aspirin is made up of salicylic acid and it is a herb which is found in the bark of the white willow. But in present days, Aspirin is made up of coal tar rather than willow bark.

Overdose of aspirin results into a dangerous disease named Reyes Syndrome which affects the brain and liver of children.

Stomach problems are common by the use of aspirin, Aspirin can cause hearing problems. To prevent this enteric coated aspirin this is also called

‘Safety coated’ aspirin can be used. In this aspirin pass through the stomach before it dissolves. If you find a black or tarry-looking stool then you should stop taking aspirin because this is a sign of internal bleeding.

Aspirin is use for preventing the clotting but the person who is suffering from Hemophilia cannot use it because in that disease there is long time bleeding even there is a small cut or injury and this disease is caused by lack of protein in our body that helps in clotting. In Hemophilia there is not only bleeding because of internal injuries like cut etc. but there is internal bleeding into the joints, muscles, brain, liver, spinal cord and this put the life of a person to immense risk. The son of Nicholas (2nd), Alexei also suffered from Hemophilia.

The second most commonly used blood thinner is Warfarin or Coumadin it is stronger than aspirin patient that use this drug has to increase the intake of vitamin K in their diet because Coumadin decrease the amount of vitamin K in the body which reduces the formation of blood clot. But by taking access of vitamin K Coumadin’s effect does not appear.

A most recent development in blood thinner is Clopidogrel and it is also a antiplatelet drug and it is sold in U.S.under the name Plavix. Although it is safer than Warfarin but still side effects are there. That’s why in 2010,U.S. Food and Drug administration made a warning named black box to show the risk of clots in some patients , side effects of Plavix are stomach pain ,muscle pain, dizziness and head ache

Another blood thinner that is directly injected in blood stream is Heparin it is an anticoagulant and it is used in surgeries like dialysis its side affects abnormal bleeding so the user of this should check for black stools, orange or pinkish colored urine because it is a indication of blood in urine.

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