What Is Bluetooth Technology

One of the biggest problems that offices and organizations at work used to face was to connect various digital devices together at a time. When old computers and serial ports were in use, users were required to plug the keyboard and the printers physically along with the computer. It used to create so many hassles that wires used to run all over – upon desk, below chair, on the walls and list goes on… Technology did a little advancement after that and Wi-Fi came to entertain people. No doubt, it successfully cut various cords, but problem still persist to exist. There were some own drawbacks of Wi-Fi inclusive of the intervention of the other device. Also, Wi-Fi makes its possible for outsiders to have access within its range and thus allowing them to sneak in your personal defense.

Then, Bluetooth technology was introduced with much better security and ideal for use in small offices containing fewer employees. Do you know what Bluetooth is? The scientific name with which Bluetooth technology is known is IEEE 802.15.1. It is a scientific standard for the wireless personal area network. It made the work easier by transferring files and other information between PCs, mobile phones, laptops, printers with the help of parallel bit transmission which was capable of receiving and sending more than one bit at a time. This is the reason that Bluetooth is faster. It is safer and secure mode of transfer based upon the short range radio frequency.

It is suitable and works great when employed to work on low power transmission devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, stereos, headsets etc. Communication takes place easily between two devices when both the devices agree upon certain protocols. This communication can easily occur when two devices which are in range of each other’s visibility. They need not to be in the line of sight, hence, communication through Bluetooth can occur also between two adjacent rooms.

Also, this technology is free of getting intervened by other operating systems. One of the ways by which this is possible is by sending waves of very low intensity in the rage of 1 mill watt to 4 mill watts, due to the low power of these waves; Bluetooth can function only within the range where these signals are effective. Approximately Bluetooth device can work within the radius of 10 meters, thus, lowering the probability of getting intervened with other devices. You will be astonished to know that Bluetooth can connect with eight devices at a time within 10 meter radius and still will function un-intervened. This is due to the reason that it works on spread spectrum frequency hopping. Each device emits unique frequency of its own and chances are less that more than two devices will emit same frequency. Isn’t the Bluetooth technology amazing?