What is Blush

Blush is a crucial complement of overall face makeup to accentuate cheek bones, and make them look more prominent and rosy. High cheekbones always been considered a symbol of beauty, it gives you younger looking appearance and if you don’t have naturally high cheekbones blush can do the trick. Even people with high cheekbones use it since ages with a special effect of brushes and make their faces in desired shapes i.e. wider or slimmer. It comes in many cream and powder base and can be used with help of a blush brush.

One should be equally careful while choosing as well as applying the color of blush that suits their skin the best. To know which color of blush complement your skin best is to pinch your cheek and the color that will appear all natural on your cheek Though pinching cheek is consider improper for some sensitive skins so, another way is to choose it when to blush all natural check the color on your cheek and get blush close to it. It is the color of blush you should use .It gives your cheeks rosy glow that is highly feminine and desirable in women. People tend to overuse it quite often and ended up like a clown, so to avoid it follow a rule in general ”little is enough “but don’t forget to blend it completely. Powder is considered best for oily and combo skin and cream is typically good for dry skin. To apply it dab the brush in blush and tap off any excess, and smile in front of mirror, this will provide you an idea where are apples on cheeks and apply it there.

There are various methods to apply blushes on your faces since olden times as old people including men used to use it on their lips too. In ancient times “Old Testament” bears testimony to the fact that people have used a variety of make up since ages. As during Victorian era this cosmetic was quite out of use as it was considered immoral and pale complexion was considered the fashionable symbol of status. For theater people it is an alpha and omega as actors require it in front of camera otherwise skin looks more pale than normal. Some fair people prefer using it on daily basis and some people use it occasionally.

In old times blush was made up of all natural products like strawberries, beet juice etc. Later on some hazardous substances such as mercury and lead take a lead on them. In today’s times all good ingredients are used in them such as cold creams etc. Dyed talcum powder is used to make powder blush .

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