What Is Body Butter Cream

Our skin is supposed to be the first line of defense against environment which deals with varied effects of weather, soaps, chemicals, tan, dryness and what not. We need to help our skin to be nourished and healthy and protect from getting dehydrated. Body butter cream comes as a boon in skin care. It is a powerful moisturizer which protects the skin and helps in better hydration. Body butter creams are extremely popular among women these days primarily due to the good effect that it has on improving the skin texture and tone.

 These creams are specially formulated in a way, which is different from normal body lotions. Primarily they are made only with natural ingredients without much added preservatives. Someone who is against using lot of chemicals on their skin would love to go for body butter creams because it is completely natural in its ingredients. These ingredients could be anything between mango seeds, kukui nuts, shea nuts, cocoa seeds, lavender oil, orange and lemon, grape extract,honey,olive oil and even natural butter. What more can one ask for? All these ingredients offer different benefits thereby giving wide range of effects depending on your skin conditions.

Let’s quickly go through the wonders that body butter creams could do to your skin.

  • Body butter creams provide excellent moisture to your skin and body; helps to retain the same and also gives a healthier look to the skin.
  • It is also widely used as a cleanser to remove toxic substances from the skin and body.
  • These creams work wonders on wrinkles as they help to control the early symptoms of ageing and wrinkling, and make the skin more resistant to stretches.
  • Certain types of body butter helps in lightening the scars and even the stretch marks. This is done by generating new skin cells making the scars less obvious.
  • Body butter creams are rich in aroma, especially a fresh one which is naturally due to the ingredients used in it. This could also be a way to your husband’s heart.

Apart from the above, the various ingredients added in it provide different effect each.

Butter creams made of coconut or cow milk help in giving a glowing and supple skin. Creams containing orange and lemon are formulated to control excess oil and thereby helping those with oily skin condition. Grape seeds extract butter cream is known to provide effective anti-oxidants and treat damaged skin. The one made of honey can be used for sensitive skin. Butter creams made of cocoa butter is all rich in vitamin E and also treats sunburn. One of the best known among body butter creams are those made of Shea butter which is known to work very effectively as an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle cream.

Now with all the options open at your disposal, you have a wide range of choice in selecting your cream that will go well with your skin type.

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