What Is Botox

In the world of cosmetics and skin care, there are wide ranging products and treatments which emerge almost every day. Most of the times, these products are also related to healthcare because skin care is nothing but personal care. One such thing, which has been recently very active in media and also among the general public is Botox which has several therapeutic as well as cosmetic uses. In the cosmetic world, Botox is known for treating wrinkles on the upper face which influences the lines of frown, smile and laugh, for working on the corners of the mouth, and also for softening the muscles on the jawline. On the other hand Botox is therapeutically used for treating muscle spasms, migraines and also excessive sweating. Weight loss is one of the recent successes of Botox.

Botox is primarily a form of Botulinum toxin which is used as a drug for various medical purposes which in these days have also been proved good for cosmetic purposes. This neurotoxin protein is produced by the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum which is very poisonous when used in large doses and could also lead to paralysis. Therefore therapeutically and cosmetically, a small required proportion of this toxin is been used for various purposes.

Let’s understand the working of Botox which could motivate some of you to take a try of this new era cosmetic treatment. Botox when injected in small doses in the targeted area, will bind the nerve tips and blocks the communication between the muscles and the nerves, thereby restricting the muscles to move or contract. Thus in a cosmetic treatment, the wrinkles which happens by skin overlying is stopped. It also has great effects in treating the lines around the eye and frown lines on the forehead. Apart from these cosmetic utility, Botox treatment works wonders for neurological disorders, severe pain on the neck or shoulders, chronic migraine and also for excessive underarm sweating. Once injected, it takes atleast three days for the effect to be completely visible and thereafter the result is retained for next four to six months.

However effective, Botox is not completely free from certain limitations. There are some rare and yet side effects which are possible out of a Botox treatment. They may include some temporary irritation on the skin which is not uncommon, and could associate symptoms of headache, nausea, heartburn, flu and respiratory infection. One another limitation which could also be treated as a blessing in disguise is that the treatment is not long lasting. Though the effort of getting it done after every five to six months is inevitable, the effects that are produced by the treatment are also temporary. Thus any unfavorable outcome of the treatment vanishes by the same time, thereby avoiding any permanent risks.