What is Botulinum

Botulinum toxin is a protein which is prepared by bacterium and it is neurotoxin means it can alter the normal activity of our nervous system and tissues of nervous system can be affected by it. It can even kill that cells that transmit the signals to the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

Botox is used as a drug that is used in cosmetics and medical procedures. In terms of cosmetics it removes the wrinkles on the face by paralyzing the facial muscles it is a protein that is injected in our face to check wrinkles and lines.

BTX-A has a cosmetic effect was firstly published by Canadian husband and wife and dermatologist Carruthers JD and Carruthers JA .Lateron,similar effect was veteran by many other groups .In April 12,2002 FDA approved the use of Botox type A to improve the facial appearance.

In European countries, BTX-A was used for the treatment of muscular pain.

BTX-A can reduce the excessive sweating. It’s this advantage was first recognized at South end Hospital in England in 1993.Since then it is used for treatment of excessive underarm sweating.

Botulinum toxin type B (BTX-B) has received FDA approval to treat dystonia on Dec 21,200.In dystonia, due to muscle contractions there are abnormal body postures.

Botox has advantage over facelifts. In facelifts surgery is performed on certain areas of the face to give it a younger look. But after facelifts bandages are put around a face for several days and along with there is swelling. In Botox there is no such headache of bandages the swelling after Botox goes after a day or two and its all effect disappears at lesser time than facelift.

Botox is cheaper so it is affordable. Moreover it is temporary so if any person is dissatisfied after it he can recover within 3-6 months. The risk with Botox is that it can result into allergy but since it is temporary its effect doesn’t last forever.

Botox is prevented in some cases like:-

The people who are taking antibiotics should not go with it. Pregnant ladies should avoid it. Ladies who are feeding their children should avoid it. Before applying Botox to human beings it was firstly tested on animals. In 1980, it was tested on monkey. Its first use on human-beings was to treat strabismus in which eyes of a person are not properly aligned with each other and there is continuous blinking of eyes.

In 1993,it was shown that Botulinium toxin can be used for esophageal disease in which there is difficulty in swallowing and chest pain.

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