What is Bovie Cautery

Bovie Cautery is a surgical treatment is done by a device called ‘bovie’. It makes use of electric current to perform surgery. In surgery the blood vessels are cut and are then sealed.

          It is a technique which involves creating burns on the tissue to either close wounds or to stop bleeding because it help in making clot.

          Bovie works by transferring the heat to the tissues and destroying these which come in direct contact and adjacent tissues are cut and seal. This surgery is also called ‘thermocautery’ or ‘electrocautery’ because it makes use of electricity and heat.

          Electrically heat prong is directly applied to tissues in this surgery which are to be cut and tied. In modern electrosurgical unit a device called ‘bovie knife’ is used that allow the surgeons to perform surgeries of spine, thorax and abdomen in better way.

 Bovie is a portable device it is commonly used in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ affixes where surgeries can be performed.

          This device is like a pen which has battery. Latest models of it are like pencil which has from 8.9 cm-20.3 cm and temperature of 1024 degree centigrade can be achieved in it.

Bovie cautery is used in veterinary surgery to cut and coagulate animal tissues.

Modern surgeries perform cauterization by electrical or chemical method. In electrical method electricity is use to destroy tissues and excessive bleeding is prevented after removal of tissues.

In chemical cauterization the same thing is performed by chemicals but the skin might be able to absorb chemicals. The most commonly used chemical is silver nitrate.

Now days, lasers are also use to remove tissue because laser use will make the surgery precise and accurate.

Precautions are to be taken while using it because high-frequency current and high temperature is used in it to do the treatment. Fire , shock, smoke inhalation are its some hazards.

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