What is Brazing

Brazing is a scientific term, which literally means a process of joining different pieces of metal. One can join pieces of metal observing the brazing process, in different ways. Generally, in this process metals get joined by heating a filter metal unless it looks like liquid. There are other processes as well. Very often users distribute metals between the work pieces to join it and then cool the assembly unless the metal looks like a solid. The process of brazing is quite similar with soldering and welding, but the basic difference between them and brazing is that it never melts the metal while heating it. Another important fact regarding brazing is that the filter metal never liquefies until the temperature reaches to 450degree C. Brazing can be done in several methods like Torch brazing, vacuum brazing, and Continuous Furnace brazing. However, there are other types of brazing as well along with these common types of brazing.

Uses of Brazing:

The process of brazing metals is as simple as soldering and you can try this simple formula on your own to braze:

  • Pipes( both water and sanitary pipes)
  • Any kind of rods
  • Any other shape of metals
  • Flat metals.

Often it is seen that brazing two pieces of metals is easier than soldering, as brazing puts no gap between the metals and they joint very neatly. That is why many people learn this simple process to fix or join any metal on their own to save the cost of attaining an expert welder. If you search online, you will get free tutorials to join metals on your own observing the brazing formula.

How to do Torch Brazing:

Torch brazing is the most common form of brazing two pieces of metals. In this process a machine controlled or handled torch is used as the source if heat. Generally, the method of torch brazing is executed in three ways. It can be done via automatic machine. There are a few people who prefer using controlled machine to accomplish the process of torch brazing. However, a majority of people don’t like to take help of any machine and prefer to do it manually. The manual methods work perfectly to braze products in small volume.

In order to assemble metals which are larger and bigger in size, you are supposed to take help of the mechanical methods. For small and medium volume production you can opt for the Controlled machine method. Among these two types of machines, the automatic machine method is quite popular as you can guess from its name, it requires to operator to run the machine.

Advantages of Brazing:

When you talk about joining two metals, brazing offers numerous advantages in comparison with two other forms soldering and welding. Let’s check out what are the advantages you can get from brazing:

  • A braze joint is always complete and smoother
  • It creates an air and water tight bond for you piping
  • You can plate the pipe easily and the seam will never be visible

You have learned about the process of brazing in detail. Now, you have to opt for a particular process of brazing depending on the size and volume of your product.

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