What is Breakdancing

In the streets of big city and glitzy America, you can find a number of most enchanting streets and waysides. Here, on the pavements, you can find a good number of young boys together performing a number of stunts. You simply gawk at how these young dancers perform feats like somersaults while dancing. It might all look a bit daft or crazy to the eye. However, the truth is that this kind of dance and stunts is actually a highly practiced art. The people who do it with much energy and skill are known as B-Boys. This form of urban and hyper-kinetic dance is also known as breakdancing. It is now a popular sensation amidst the youngsters.

The very art of breakdancing involves a smart mix of energy and speed. The dancers have to be particularly fast so as to match the fast music and its beats. But speed and vigor are not all important. It is also important for any dancer to have a certain level of grace and smoothness in the dance moves. After all, breakdancing is not just a rushed up piece of art. It is actually an art, an art of dancing in sync with the rhythms of the music.


The boys who are specifically good in B-boying are known as the breaker boys or the B-Boys. They are normally the lithe, slim guys, who can manage to do some of the spectacular stunts whilst dancing. The girls are known as B-girls or breaker girls. The stunts of breakdancing include the toprock, downrock, freeze and the power moves. Toprock moves are performed while standing on the ground. On the other hand, the downrock moves are performed with the upperbody down on the dance floor. Power moves includes some of the famous moves like the swipe and windmill. These are moves, which have to be done with your legs above your head.

Freezes are the most difficult movements for any breakdancing artist. The freezes are generally the long leaps, which the dancers can make over some distance or obstacle. Breakdancing became largely fashionable with the emergence of the fast and furious hip-hop music. This used to happen back in the 80s. The aspiring DJs used to play the hip-hop beats on the streets and the dancers would shake a leg to the tunes. Soon, amazingly, this form of dancing became a hit in South Korea. From then on, street dancing was termed as B-Boying. It is now recognized as one of the major forms of urban dance.

There are competitions and big sporting events held for the skilled and talented break dancers. The most famous competition is called as the Battle of the Year. This competition is held in different cities of the world. The B-boys and girls from different nations are allowed to participate. The contestants can form groups or crews against the other dance crews. This big event derived its name from the general term that was given to breakdancing feuds, which were held between different groups of street dancers. Another much popular dance event is known as the Notorious International Breakdance Event.

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