What is Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a condition where bronchial tubes become infected. Bronchial tubes carry air to the lungs through the windpipe. A mucus having great weight forms in the windpipe which thereby blocks the flow of air more precisely oxygen in the windpipe, results in choking of the throat, led to Bronchitis condition. There are two types of bronchitis acute bronchitis which is a short term illness which generally rises after a viral infection or cold. On the other hand, chronic bronchitis is a long term illness which occurs by the regular formation of mucus in the windpipe. However, it can be eradicate if diagnosed at an early stage and treated well.

Symptoms and Causes of Bronchitis  

Generally, Bronchitis is caused by heavy cigarette smoking. Bronchitis is caused by generation of virus or bacteria inside the windpipe which later turn into heavy nasal secretion. The formation of mucus is part of the human body’s immune system as immune system responses to the infection, the swelling in bronchial tubes gets more severe and altogether it turns in mucus, led to bronchitis. The main factors which led to bronchitis are heavy smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke, people with weak immune system, people who are infants and elder. Acute bronchitis appears when a person is severely affected by viral infection. If a person is infected with either rhinovirus or rsv virus then bronchitis condition may occur. Similar kind of infection with asthmatic patient also turns into bronchitis. Narrowness of the bronchi happens because of inner swelling of the bronchial tubes. This blocks the air to pass on which led to bronchitis.

Bronchitis may result in wheezing, coughing and sometimes brevity of breath. The secretion through infected bronchial tubes results in either green or yellow mucus, led to cough. In rare scenarios, this may lead to bleeding. Like other infection chest pain, fatigues are associated with bronchitis. Cold likely affects throat, mouth and passes through the windpipe during bronchitis which then characterizes inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Two infections may happen with one virus however it is not necessary that a cold results to the bronchitis. In acute bronchitis, cough may hound for several weeks even after bronchitis is diagnosed whereas on the other side, the cough gets worse in case of chronic bronchitis.

Cure of Bronchitis

People who are infected with the bronchitis are advised to take rest, drink fluids only, breath moist and warm air. They are also prescribed with pain killers and anti cough medicines. In most of the cases, acute bronchitis may get resolved but there is no treatment for chronic bronchitis. Apart from medical prescribed treatment, bronchitis patient is advised to avoid smoking or any kind of tobacco consumption should be avoided. Bronchitis can be prevented with the following advices. One must quit smoking as smoking is injurious to health. Avoid people who are infected with flu. One must get a flu vaccination at least once in a year, should wash their hands regularly and must wear a mask where people around you are sneezing or coughing. 

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