What is Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder under which the person tends to stuff himself with food and later gets conscious about his weight. The food is eaten in a very short period of time and this leads to an insecure feeling with the person and he would want to remove the food from the body and thus, resorts to unhealthy methods like vomiting the food and by over exercising.

The complete name of the disorder is bulimia nervosa. This disorder is more likely to happen to women and is nine times less possible with men. The person suffering from this disorder has high levels of eating which is most of the times out of control. This continues until another person stops them. This has negative impacts on the body and can be the cause of dehydration due to excess vomiting and esophagitis, which means inflammation of the esophagus. In some worse cases, the person can also have a cardiac arrest leading to death. There is also the boerhaave syndrome in which the person raptures the esophageal wall with excess forced vomiting. This also leads to constant weight fluctuations.

It is shown in studies that cultural habits of eating influence the disorders of the person. It can also be genetic in some cases and have some level of family influence where people are forced to eat more to gain strength. The treatments for this disorder can be either medical or psychological. The method of treatment will depend on the level of disorder that the person is facing. However, it is very important to have early treatments for this problem. This is because it is very difficult to change behavior patterns once they become a habit. Early treated people have more chances of recovering completely than the others.

There are simple methods of treating people with the bulimia disorder at home. The person should be under vigilance so that they are not able to consume excess quantities of food. The person should also be given psychological treatment so that they change their behavior towards eating and removing it. The family has a major role to play in this part as they should not force the person to eat more.

One can also prevent this disorder with many psychological methods. The care to physical appearance should be eliminated or avoided as much as possible. The need to look good and lean is the main reason behind the vomiting and feeling fat in the person’s mind. Thus, the mind is treated before the body. This is a much easier method. Thus, one should take control if any of these symptoms are seen in the family members.