What is Bursitis

Bursitis is a condition when the bursa in the body is inflamed. It causes pain in movement of the joints. Bursae are the plural word that is used for bursa. Bursae are small particles that are spread all over the human body which help in reducing the friction in the body during movement when the different parts of the body move in different directions.

The Bursae are small sacs filled with fluid which ac as a cushion between the bones, tendons, joints and muscles. These are responsible for making the movement in the body pain free. Without them the movement in the human body would not be possible. Because of its structure it can slide over very easily making the act pain free.

Due to some reason when there is inflammation in the bursae it is the condition of bursitis. It is a very painful condition. The movements in the joints become painful. The easy moving capability of the bursa is lost when bursitis occurs. The normally slippery bursa can no more slip between the movements hence the movements results in more pain.

The bursa is available in very small and confined spaces. When there is a inflammatory situation and the bursa swells up they themselves cause the fiction which can be very painful even if there is no movement in the body. The bursa becomes rough and their movement inside the body can be very irritating.

Bursitis can be caused due to three main reasons. The first reason is injury. This is the most common reason of bursitis. A repeated injury in the same position can be extremely dangerous. This can happen in many of the joints. Many spaces are prone to injury and hence to bursitis. The second cause can be an infection that has occurred in the joints. The third cause can be a pre existing condition that forms the crystals in the bursa that can make them inflamed.

The most common symptoms of bursitis is pain, swelling, loss of movement and feeling the tenderness of the movement without any movement actually being there. If the bursitis is caused by an infection it can be accompanied by fever and redness in the area affected. The affected area also feels hot when touched. Bursitis can be treated easily by the person himself and can be cured by some rest.

Bursitis is a situation when the bursae in the body that are responsible for reducing fiction during movement in the body get inflamed. It causes severe pain and inability to move. It can be caused by injury or infection. The treatment is quite simple that requires rest.