What is Business Administration

The dictionary describes business as a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade and administration as the process or activity of running a business, organization, etc.Hence business administration means the process or activity of running business. It involves administration of all the aspects that are need to run a business to the logical end of making profits. The word has latin origins coming from ad which means to and ministration which means give service.It should not be confused with business management as business management is part of business administration and business administration coverts more area. It covers all the fields including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and even budgeting. Henry fayol described them as the elements of administration.Business administration is the process that involved governing all the areas of business. The objective of administration here is the primary role of any business that is to make profit and generate more value for the share holders. A business tends to cover a lot of people and aspects which need to be monitored regularly to ensure it functions as a well oiled machine. As such business administration promotes growth and stability of the company. This may be achieved by various methods but primarily it is done by organizing co-ordination between hierarchy of lower, middle and upper management.In a small business it may be done by the owner itself with the help of a few trusted people or employees while on the other hand in a bigger organization this is done with the help of a large employee base for separate departments and heads for various departments.If an individual is looking to make career in business administration then he needs to be well equipped with knowledge of administration. The best way to go about it is getting a degree in business management which is offered by many institutions across the world. It is popularly known as an MBA (Masters in business administration) degree or PGDBM (Post Graduate diploma in business management). The person who is responsible for administering the entire business is generally referred to as Chief executive officer or CEO. Another name used for the person in charge if Managing Director. The objective of all the professionals in the field of business is to achieve that position.People who are interested in pursuing a degree in business administration should definitely go for it. There are expected to many job opportunities available in this field. Those who are interested in working in the field of business administration should have great math skills, be able to communicate clearly and be organized and have time management skills.

These days people have the option of earning an associates, bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration online too. The college that one decides to study business administration at should be contingent on several things including: the degree that one is trying to obtain, the specific area of business administration that one is trying to work in and whether or not one wants to study online.