What is Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is a situation where a person is trapped in a place such as room, deserted island, cave or forest. It is closely related to claustrophobia and is a more generalized word for the same. Interaction with the surroundings is a common method of overcoming cabin fever.

The idea of getting trapped in a room or on a deserted island sounds horrifying. The development of anxiety when a human is trapped for a long time is known as Cabin Fever. It can be described as the blend of restlessness, insecurity, paranoia, oversleeping, obliviousness, and undue irritation. These are some particular symptoms of cabin fever. Usually, the occurance rate of cabin fever is higher when a person is trapped in a small space. Cabin fever is a popular word for Claustrophobia and is used by the masses. Cabin fever has been frequently used in thriller and horror movies and novels.     

Facts About Cabin Fever

Psychiatrists and doctors have explained it as the fear of dying or insecurity of lossing everything. Such anxieties are obvious and every human will go through these emotions if they are trapped for a long time. However, cabin fever is not associated with small place like room or cave only. It is asscoiated  with isolation also. A simple example is trapped in your house during heavy snow, storm, or rain.

Fear and insecurity of lossing life and closed ones is the driving force behind cable fever.

How To Overcome Cabin Fever?

Overcoming cabin fever is very important to survive otherwise it can result in mental instability. Mental instability will reduce your chances of surviing if your trapped and injured. Calmness and composure are the two things that will save your from any damage. Keep yourself composed and never panic is the key.

Interaction with the outside world is every important. This is best way to avoid claustrophobia and cabin fever. If you are trapped in a tiny place then keep yourself composed and interact with things you have in your surrounding. It is might sound silly but this is the best way to overcome cabin fever. Cognitive reaction is imperative. Try to reason and find a way out without panicking. Panic will raise your heartbeat and your blood pressure. It can result in suffocation or hypertension and finally unconsciousness. 

One must try to get out of such situation instead for panicking. You must be optimist about your chances of getting out and look for the same. If you have failed to find any way out then stay clam and try to relax. Avoid sleeping and use your resources to keep yourself energised until someone comes  to  your rescue. It is dificult to find someone who is lost or trapped in heavy snow, or in a cave or in a dense forset. So, try to make a flag in order to indicate your presence.