What Is Caffeine

Caffeine is a popular stimulant drug, which comes from many sources. This is a very bitter material coming from seeds and leaves of various plants. In these plants, the caffeine acts as a pesticide and prevents attacks from harmful insects.

Humans take this in the form of tea and coffee. These drinks act as psychoactive drugs and are very effective in this role. The caffeine stimulates the nervous system and removes all the drowsy feelings from the body. These are the only drinks, which are not regulated by the governments in most of the countries. The caffeine content is also present in colas and soft drinks. The caffeine content is high in coffee when compared to the other drinks with its content.

Caffeine is a very toxic element and its consumption in high doses can lead to adverse health affects. However, no affects have been noticed when it is consumed on a low level daily or regularly. However, one effect of this is the cancer, which is caused by over consumption. Many of them have disturbance in sleep when they consume caffeine. This effect is more prominent during evening times.

Pregnant woman are prevented from having teas and coffees and any other drink having caffeine content. However, tea and coffee can be limited to two cups a day. Lesser than two cups is even better. Many times, people get addicted to coffee or even tea. There are various symptoms, which show this. Firstly, they cannot function without a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. They tend to take cola or any other caffeine drinks when they feel drowsy or lazy in order to energize themselves. It is also said that pregnant women can transfer the caffeine through breast-feeding.

However, moderate consumption of caffeine can help in reducing the symptoms of diabetics and gallstones. However, one should note that this consumption should not exceed more than two cups. The consumption of caffeine with headache drugs will get relief sooner as the caffeine helps in absorbing the drug. It is also used in anti ageing products and dark circle products to improve the skin.

 It takes more than five hours to eliminate the consumption of caffeine with one cup of coffee. Thus, the notion that the effect of coffee fades of in a few minutes or one to two hours is not true. It is also said that caffeine increases the symptoms of anxiety and nervousness. In some fatal cases, the excess consumption of caffeine can lead to death. However, these cases are very less. Thus, caffeine is good only to a certain extent.