What is Canvas

There are some things, which do not stand a chance of escaping your sight wherever you go. So, when you manage to make your way behind the warehouses and go downs, you will find the workers and laborers lifting the heavy bags of goods and commodities. These bags are usually made of jute or canvas. When you cruise through the Louvre Museum in Paris, you will also find finest exhibits of art preserved on their original canvas. This indicates that the artists and classical painters used canvas for their work and ingenuity. You would also find footwear and bags and clutches made of canvas and jute. So, you now know that canvas is one of the most sought after things for a variety of uses and purposes.

What are the primary characteristics of canvas? The canvas is mainly a stringy and coarse fiber. It is a product of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The strains of hemp from this plant are woven together to make solid and stringy threads and yarns. These yarns help to give canvas a sturdy structure. Canvas used in clothes or handbags is generally light and more comfortable to hold. The canvas used for other things like for painting, building sails or making bags is generally found to be stronger and more cohesively woven together. This is because these things require some solidarity and support. The strong canvas threads provide these fully.

When it comes to painting, there are two general types of canvas, which can be used alternately. The first type of canvas is known as linen canvas. This had been woven together with linen threads. It served well for the classical painters of the Medieval times as well as the Renaissance Age. Oil paintings will look rather stellar on linen canvas. But now, the wannabe and enthusiastic artists can also paint pieces of art on the common cotton canvas. The cotton canvas stretches more easily over the panels. It will make your acrylic paint colors rather attractive. Before you start painting, you should coat the canvas with gesso. This is a base made of soy, gypsum and lead. It will hold the painted drawings and colors firmly in place.

Do you like to go for some authentic canoe adventures? Then, forget the conventional boats made of felt or fiberglass. Try out the old fashioned canoes, which are made by weaving strands of canvas with cedar wood. These canoes were quite stable and agile as well. Bags made of canvas are more strong and tough than those made of jute or other fibers. These bags and carriers are more strong and durable for goods and commodities. The bags and shoes made of canvas have become a big sensation with people. The shoes and bags are also decorated elaborately with colorful patterns and designs. These will look rather stylish and trendy for women and girls.

The stretched woven canvas will work out for other uses and purposes as well. The canvas can be used to build strong sails that will face the strong winds boldly. Some like to make their scrapbooks and personal notebooks with pages of stringy canvas. On these pages, the people can stick images and also make drawings and posters. The entire canvas scrapbook will have a rustic and authentic feel to it. There are other artistic ways to make canvas look good. One is to make masks or the headgear with the tough canvas. The masks and other exhibits will also be made more elaborate and creative with colors and designs.

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