What is Canyoneering

There are lots of people who are adventurous freak and would like try all new unusual things in life to gain exciting experiences. If you are one among them, here is a brief of another adventurous activity which could take you to all new level of excitement. This is about canyoneering. So what exactly is canyoneering? Let’s see.

Canyoneering otherwise known as canyoning is an adventurous sport which is gaining popularity as “extreme game”. The term canyoneering refers to travelling through steep and narrow areas using a variety of tools and techniques. In simple words, it is a sport to explore the canyons beyond using just basic mountaineering skills. It requires specially intended shoes, climbing tools, static ropes, rope bags and helmets designed for climbing. Enough care is taken to monitor all the accessories very frequently to detect any damage.

Coming to the techniques, people venturing into canyoneering must be fairly familiar with swimming, climbing, scrambling, abseiling and of course walking too. Apart from technical skills, one must also possess the ability of problem solving, logical decision making and most importantly navigational skills because canyoneering is often done in places that are remote and has less accessibility.

Canyons are of various kinds. Some may be really easy and the others might turn out to be challenging. However most of the canyons are often cut into stone in the form of narrow steeps, with sculpted walls added with extravagant waterfalls making the experience fun filled and challenging as well.

Canyoneering at times could be very hazardous due to the remoteness of the canyons. Some of the possible dangers are listed below-

  • The only way left would be to reach the top. There would be no other way to get out of the canyons.
  • Canyoning through waterfalls should always be done with all the necessary equipments and preferably with peer group along with you. Rope work experiences help a long way in such times.
  • Another potential danger in canyoneering is flash flood that could  turn out to be fatal.
  • Weather conditions can put several threats to the canyoners. Extreme heat or cold temperature leads to illness among canyoners. This could be handled and managed to a great extent with a fully equipped canyoning gear including adequate wetsuits and dry suits.
  • Large potholes and narrow slots are often obstacles in canyoneering. In both the cases strong climbing aids are mandatory to be carried, failing which could end up in getting trapped and rescue from such places is not an easy task and time taking.

Undoubtedly canyoneering is such an experience which can transform one to explore life to all levels.