What Is Cardiac Arrest

When the heart of a person stops functioning, that is called as cardiac arrest in medical terminology. There could be several reasons for the cardiac arrest but there is only one consequence of cardiac arrest and that is death. No doctor or no medicine can save a person from the death trap, who is suffering from cardiac arrest. So, the only thing a person could do is to keep him or her away from the cardiac arrest. Before discussing, how to prevent cardiac arrest; we should discuss about the causes of cardiac arrest.

  • Deposition of fat around the heart could cause cardiac arrest. When fat gets deposited around the heart in a huge amount, the heart couldn’t function properly and in most of the cases, this situation leads to cardiac arrest.
  • High blood pressure could be the reason of cardiac arrest. High blood pressure exerts greater pressure on the heart of a person. At the same time, there is a chance of rupture of veins and arteries because of the high blood pressure. In both of the cases, the heart may stop functioning.
  • A blood clot inside the heart could be the reason of cardiac arrest.

Now, we should discuss how a person could stay away from cardiac arrest.

  • Fat normally not gets deposited around the heart. If a person deposited more fat than he or she should inside her body, then he or she gets it around his or her heart, which could leads to cardiac arrest. This is why, one should make sure that he or she is not depositing extra amount of fat in his or her body.
  • One should do some or other kind of physical work, so that fat would not get deposited inside his or her body. If there is no physical work to do for a person, then he or she should go for physical exercise. Exercise could do wonder to the heart of a person by reducing high blood pressure and burning the fat deposited around the body of a person.
  • Doing yoga could also help a person to stay in normal health and at the same time, there are some particular yoga, which could lower down the blood pressure of a person.
  • A person should avoid eating fat rich food as these foods get deposited in the body, most of the times.
  • One should smile, more often than not. Smiling is considered as an exercise, which could reduce the extra blood pressure.

Apart from doing all the above mentioned points, one should do go to a cardiac specialist in a regular interval for heart check up. Heart is the most precious organ of a person’s body and it is almost each and everyone’s duty to keep it healthy and working.