What is Cat Scratch Fever

Bartonella henselae is the bacteria that cause the cat scratch fever. Most of the cats have this kind of toxic microbes present in their saliva itself at times. It is the reason one should not allow the cats and dogs to lick the faces unnecessarily. If it happens occasionally on affectionate grounds then it is better to wash the face with soap immediately along with hot water. It is a good hygienic practice to do so to avert such problems of cat scratch fever.

Even otherwise, it is a great habit to wash face regularly at least twice or thrice in a day with mild soap and hot water to keep away from such ailments once for all. When you follow this practice your hands are also maintained clean most of the times and hence the chance of catching up with the contagious diseases such as cold or similar kind of problems will not arise easily.

While being bitten lightly by a cat, one could easily catch with the disease. Even a scratch could also be vulnerable at times. It is because of the reason that the bacteria will be present  in the cats fur as well in different parts of the body as the cats have the tendency to lick all through out the reachable parts of their body. Bacteria are spread so fast and are greatly active to occupy more spaces afresh.  Sometimes there is not any necessity to get bitten or scratched by a cat at all but still you might catch with the ailment. It is simply because of the fact that the bacteria get transferred to your hands while you are petting your cats.

When you rub the hands onto your eyes or if you put your hands same ways into nose or mouth of yours, there are all chances that the bacteria could infect your body parts quite easily. Immune system could be stronger to resist the attack of the bacteria. Still, at times when you are not quite energetic enough the body tends to show less resistance on which these microbes will try to capitalize on.  It is found that the kittens are the most vulnerable ones to have such bacteria in huge reserves.

Some of the symptoms that the cat scratch fever shows are fatigue, chills, vomiting, chills, inflammation and soreness at times.  There is not any kind of special treatment needed for the ailment in particular. The normal immune system has the capacity to recover on its own from this microbial attack when within a short span of time, say almost 10 days or so at the most.  People that are suffering already with impaired immune system should always keep away from the cats. It could cause serious problems to those with hive/aids or cancer. It could be fatal when it is not treated and arrested immediately as the disease progresses to affect different parts of the body. It could be something similar to the formation of tumor in the case of these specific individuals.