What is Cell phone Etiquette

Everyone carries a cell phone today. We are increasingly becoming dependent on cell phones. If we do not carry a cell phone then it feels like something is incomplete. However, if you carry a cell phone then you need to follow some etiquette. Some points you should always keep in your mind while carrying a cell phone in your pocket are given below:

Dont talk too loudly on the cell phone. If you are in some public place like movie theatre or playhouses etc. People come there to enjoy and also pay a huge amount of money, so any loud voice will distract their minds. If you are in some enclosed space like a library, auditorium, bus, train etc. then you should avoid talking on the phone. If it is too important to take the call, then you should try to keep at least 10 feet distance from the other person. If it is not important, then do not take the call. If it is very important to talk over the phone, then you should modulate your voice. Try to speak in a very low and soft voice. if you will talk too loud, it might be possible that other people around you will get offended. The other reason is that no one is interested in hearing your personal conversation. What you did last night, how did you wasted your last day etc. is not anyone else matter. Keep your personal conversation personal. If you are in meeting with someone, you should try to avoid the calls otherwise the other person may feel that you are not interested in him. If it is too important, then pick the call and try to keep the conversation short. While driving, you should avoid picking the calls. It may lead to serious results like accidents. If you are going for an interview, presentation or any other business meeting, keep your mobile switched off or on the vibrating or silent mode. If in case you were not able to take someone’s call, then you should always get back to them when you get free. If it is very important to take the call while you are in a meeting, then you must seek the permission of the other person with whom you are in the meeting. They will surely understand.

All these points are very important to keep in the mind in order to not to become a matter of fun among people.