What Is Cephalexin

Cephalexin is a kind of antibiotic agent which is available as the name of keftab in market. It was firstly launched in market at 1968. It got approval by Food and Drug Administration in 1971. It is administered to the body by oral route. It is the most popular antibiotic of first generation cephalosporin. Generally, it is used for the treatment of fever, inflammation, joint pain and urinary tract infection. An important fact about this antibiotic medicine is that it is safer to be used by the person who is sensitive for penicillin antibiotic.

This antibiotic can exclusively influence gastric disorders such as diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting and drowsy etc.  Allergy against the antibiotic involves rashes on the skin surface, itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing. Cephalexin more or less behaves same like penicillin regarding the antibacterial functioning and side effects of the medicine.

This antibiotic works by inhibiting the bacterial activity which is responsible for the occurrence of relative health problem. Inflammation is the primary health problem among these. The medicine affects by destructing down the cell wall of bacteria. Cell wall generally works as an outer coat of the bacteria and protect its inner construction along with the genetic material. Damage of cell wall ruptures the construction of the bacteria and ultimately kills it. In this way the antibiotic cures the person from the related bacterial disease.

Oral dose of cephalexin includes sugar in it. Thus, it may matter for the patient of diabetes. Persons suffering from allergy from the antibiotics of cephalosporin family, it should consult to the doctor before taking this antibiotic. Moreover, the persons bearing any liver disease or heart problem should ask to doctor before the intake of this antibiotic. The women who are pregnant or nurse their baby by breast feeding should avoid taking this kind of antibiotic. Although they are not approved harmful in the condition of pregnancy but precaution is better to be taken as much as possible. The person who is already consuming any other antibiotic as the treatment of any disease, it should inform to the doctor before starting the dose of cephalexin.

This sort of antibiotic should be taken with water. The water soluble tablet should be dissolved properly in water and taken its entire amount at a time. This tablet should not be subjected to be chewing down and swallowing. This might because incomplete dissolving of antibiotic in to the blood stream of the persons avoid. A person can suffer from the condition of itching in the body.  Problem of nausea, stomach infection, vomiting, feeling of weakness and unnecessary fatigue are some common side effects of the antibiotic