What is Cerebral Palsy

Human development is always coupled with physical disabilities mostly caused by infections of the brain which coordinates all the body movements. Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of movement caused by a brain damage. The term is used to denote a collection of brain infections sustained mostly at child birth. A young child under the age of three years is very vulnerable to Cerebral Palsy.

Lack of oxygen in the brain at child birth is the major cause of cerebral palsy. Genetic disorders and blood clots in brain vessels are top causes of Cerebral Palsy as well as stroke. Child abuse can also not be ruled out as a cause of cerebral palsy. This mostly happens when frustrated parents severely shake the child causing hemorrhage in or outside the brain. Also, head injuries can affect the brain resulting to this condition.

The resultant effects of cerebral palsy is limitation of body movements and posture which limits the Childs body activities. These infections come hand in hand with disturbances of sensations which also affect communication ability of the child. Cognition disabilities such as hearing, seeing and talking impairments are also associated with this brain damage. A small percentage of children infected with Cerebral Palsy also suffer from epilepsy. Injuries to the brain have serious neurological disorders to the child which limits his ability to perform daily activities independently. A child can’t perform basic activities such as toileting, feeding and walking on his own and will have to be assisted.

Cerebral Palsy is widely classified based on the various body movement impairments sustained determined by which part of the brain suffered the injury. The brain damage sustained is referred to as non progressive brain lesions. This implies that the initial injury caused on the Childs brain will continue to affect him for life otherwise consequent damage to the brain may not cause Cerebral Palsy. This brain abnormality is acquired at a very early age. In fact, a child can sustain a brain damage even before birth and symptoms start to show as early as the first year from birth. According to a recent research, cerebral palsy has been noted to affect two Childs per every thousand of children born. Children born with an underweight and prematurely will most likely suffer from brain damage causing this brain condition.

As highlighted above, Cerebral Palsy is a really serious condition which really limits the child from reaching his full potential in life. As of present, the most notable treatment for this brain disorder is therapy. Various therapies can be performed on the child such as speech and physical therapies in an effort to rectify this serious condition. Technological developments have also made head MRI and CT scans possible which has helped solve the problem at great extent. These new treatment methods have increased the survival rate of children born underweight and prematurely and helping them lead better lives. It is worth to note that special care for children with Cerebral Palsy is very important as such children can significantly be made worse by incidents of abuse and in extreme cases, it can lead to death.

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