What is Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the most popular and third type of cancer effecting women.  Globally many women are suffering with this type of cancer.  But United States of America is a bit head of all the global countries.  The women of US often use the pap smears method.  It is a test conducted to find the cervical cancer using equipment called speculum in the vagina. The equipment gets opened up when it was inserted inside the vaginal canal.  Some cells are scraped from the cervix area  and those are sent for examination.  Women of USA undergo this method once in two years.

First the cancer will effect on the cells on the cervix’s surface.  Two types of cells are generally present in the cervixes which are called as squamous and columnar cells.  Generally the squamous cells will get affected with cancer.  This type of cancer enters in to the cervix very slowly and develops gradually.   It starts as a precancer called dysplasia.  When anyone could find the precancer before hand, that cancer can be curable 100%. Pre cancerous condition can be detected used Papsmears.  So,  Regular papsmears are very important for women.

Majority of the women who are now struggling with this cervical cancer dint undergo papsmears before hand.  Some women may take it easy though they could detect precancerous condition for their cervix.  Such undetected conditions of pre cancer lead to cervix caner directly.  This may further spread to lungs, intestines, bladder and liver also.  Patients who have cervical cancer could not detect it easily with the help of body changes as it will not impact until it gets advanced.

The virus which spread this cervical virus is Human Papilloma.  It is a virus that can spread through sexual association too.  There are types in this HPV.  Some type of viruses do not cause any harm to any part of the body.  Some type of the viruses causes the strain and that will lead to Cervical cancer.  The major factors that lead to cervical cancer are having sex at young age, participation of sex with multi partners, poor economic status unable to afford for regular papsmears, Weak immune system.

The major symptoms to predict the cervical cancer at early stage are not known to anybody exactly.  But when the disease spreads and becomes serious, some symptoms can be observed.  Those are vaginal bleeding between the periods, bleeding after menopause, continuous discharge of some type of colored liquids having foul smell.  Heavy bleeding at regular periods which lasts for long time.

By default the common symptoms which affect the other parts of the body are fatigue, leg pain, pelvic pain, back pain, weight loss, bone fractures, loss of appetite, leaking of urine from vagina, heavy bleeding, swollen leg etc.  One should not neglect these symptom.  They shall have to rush the doctor immediately.  Papsmears is the test to be done precancers and cancer.  Under magnification, celvix shall be keenly observe and various x rays are also needed.