What is Cervical Collar

The cervical collar is made up of seven vertebrae these are bones that collectively make up the spinal column. These bones or vertebrae are conscientious for providing support to brain and skull. Cervical collar is also known as C-collar and it is supportive in providing support to the cervical portion of head and spinal cord, it protect nerves that are present in the upper part of our body such as face, neck, throat, arms and hands.

If there is any injury in our spine or neck then disproportionate movement of it can make the injury worse so this collar prevents the too much movements of spine and neck and help in healing the injury.

If there is any injury to neck and head then it has ultimate unfavorable effect on spinal cord. Collar is put in urgent situation to prevent these things from happening. Neck braces are also used in emergency situations. This collar is helpful to treat whiplash in which there is injury to muscles, ligaments and soft tissues in the neck.

There are four types of cervical collars. These are:-

Soft foam collar:- This collar is use to treat minor cervical injuries. This is the most commonly used and cheaper in comparison to other collars. It fits around the neck properly and restricts its movement to prevent further injury. Gel filled hot or cold packs:- As clear from the name this collar is frozen or heated then it is put in a nylon sleeve and is put around the neck. This is use to treat neck injuries like stiffness or inflammation. Foam immobilization collar:- – When there is soft-tissue injury like whiplash then foam immobilization collar also known as Philadelphia cervical collar is used. This collar can be adjusted according to neck height and it rest on upper shoulders.

Sternal occipital mandibular immobilizer (SOMI) brace:- – This collar is use to teat upper body injuries like head, neck, joint and spine related injuries. It is commonly use to treat cervical fractures, spinal cord injuries and serious head and neck traumas.

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