What is Cervical Pillow

A cervical pillow refers to pillow which is used to cushion the head and neck while sleeping. It provides best possible muscle relaxation and proper support to head and neck during sleep. There are copious types of pillows designed for comfortable sleeping. In the US sizes are standard, queen and king. In this standard and king are commonly used.

This pillow is apt to a person’s orthopedic cervical support needs. It deals with problems related to disorders of the Skelton system and the muscles, joints and ligaments associated with it. This will eradicate the cervical pain and increase relaxation.

The angle and space between head and mattress depend on the lying position. Like whether a person is lying to his back or side and to which side he is sleeping. Cervical pillow are mostly raised in the neck side and depressed in the head side.

The different shapes of cervical pillow are:-

Cylindrical. Rectangular with a square circular. Triangular depression for the head.

In past, cervical pillows were designed specifically to fulfill individual’s need. That’s why they were expensive. But in 1966, B. Mc Carty designed a cervical pillow that can be used or that is fit for given person’s cervical composition. So from then these pillows became inexpensive. In Mc Carty’s pillow user can amend the measurement of pillow by inserting or removing layers in pillow.

In modern days cervical pillows are made up of memory foam which is use to automatically adjust the measurement of pillow.

Cervical pillow has many properties which enhances the comfort of its user. These are:-

The patients with chronic disorders which currently has no known cause called fibromyalgia can be comforted by it. The injury to neck, muscles, ligaments called whiplash can be cured by this pillow. Bursitis which is caused by overuse of muscles and it is a sports-related injury it can also be removed by this pillow. Upper back pain, neck tension, neck injuries can be reduced through it. Snoring can be reduced through it as it aligns the cervical spine. It can improve sleep, reduce headache.

Different types of cervical pillows are:-

Cradle pillow. Neck pillow. Side pillow. Cervical rolls. Comfort pillows.

Those who sleep on their sides should prefer side, cervical and neck pillows. Cradle pillows, neck pillows and comfort pillows are best for back sleepers.

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