What is Change Management

Change management is the controlled approach that aims to make individual, teams as well as organizations from a current state of operation to a desired future state of operation. The process aims at aiding employees to accept and embrace change in their workplace as well as their work environment. The term change management is also used in project management where it refers to a project management process where change is introduced into the process and approved. The basic infrastructure and tools available in the organization are used to facilitate the whole process. It is the aim of this process to minimize the impact of change o employees and other workers in the organization.

In the career of a common employee, change is always experienced. It is the duty of managers to orchestrate this change while ensuring that the continuity of the business is assured during this change. Managing and being at the head of change mechanism is critical especially if results are to be achieved within a given time frame. But as a manager you will notice that change programs will confuse and distract employees from their normal duties at the workplace. This is not a desired result of the change process and should be avoided at all costs. Distractions in the workplace will lead to employees being less productive hence making undermining the continuity of the organization.

Often, employees will become preoccupied on the uncertainty of their futures in the organization during the change process. This will hinder their output, morale and even their commitment to their jobs. To be able to handle this as a manager, a training course in change management is of vital importance. Through such courses, senior managers will be able to communicate more clearly on the strategic visualization behind the change program. They will be able to motivate employees as well as well as assure them that the change they are about to experience is for the betterment of the company as well as their welfare.

Through this, they will be able to gain the commitment of middle managers rapidly as which will go a long way in ensuring that the change process takes place seamlessly. Middle managers are at the core of the change program. They can determine if the process will be successful or not because they are in direct contact with employees of the organization. This puts them at the front line when employees start to raise questions. They will be better positioned to answer these questions if they are part of the change process. Investing in change management training to create leaders who can see an organization through any change process will reduce expenditure for any organization.